Logbook Servicing

With any new vehicle you buy, the warranty it comes with offers protection from certain unexpected expenses caused by manufacturer faults. To maintain this protection, it’s expected that you bring your vehicle in to reputable workshop for regularly scheduled servicing.

European Autosports can provide logbook servicing for customers with petrol powered or diesel powered vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles and more. We check your vehicle for developing faults that might become more serious problems if left unchecked, and you can drive away with the peace of mind of an intact warranty.

Vehicle Inspections

If you’re in the market for a secondhand vehicle, what seems like too good a deal often is just that – too good a deal. A vehicle that might seem fine could be hiding mechanical issues that, if left undetected before you make the purchase, would quickly become your mechanical issues.

At European Autosports we can offer customers pre-purchase vehicle inspections – just arrange for the seller to bring his vehicle to us, and we’ll check it to make sure everything’s in working order before you part ways with your hard earned cash. We can also conduct inspections for vehicles before extended driving trips, to ensure your vehicle’s reliability.


Your vehicle’s brakes are the most important safety system your vehicle has. They can make the difference between a simple largely harmless traffic bump and an expensive trip to the panel beaters, or worse. Your brakes also suffer more wear and tear than most areas of your vehicle, and need to be checked regularly to ensure they’re still in good condition.

We can provide replacement brake system parts from premium supplier Brembo Brakes, from pads and discs to drums for heavier vehicles. We can also check and repair your brake system’s hydraulics, from pedal to hoses, as well as restore the surface of your worn brake parts.

Steering & Suspension

A number of ride comfort and handling issues can be traced back to problems with parts in your steering and suspension systems, and can drastically affect your ability to drive safely.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to correct handling and ride comfort issues, from replacement car springs, shock absorbers and bushing to servicing and repairs of your vehicle’s steering systems.

Exhaust Repairs

Your exhaust is responsible for drawing spent air away from your vehicle’s engine bay and cabin, ensuring your engine has the clean air it needs to operate at peak efficiency, not to mention ensuring you and your passengers are as comfortable as possible on the road.

We can offer customers repairs for their existing exhaust solution, from stock model mufflers to custom headers and extractors. We can also replace spent filters to ensure clean air flow through your engine bay.

Air Conditioning

Particularly in Sydney’s warm summer months, nothing makes driving more unpleasant that discovering your air conditioning system’s not working. Unlike most other areas of your vehicle, however, more often than not the problem is lack of use rather than wear and tear. Through cooler months, when your air conditioning might only be used to demist your vehicle occasionally, your system’s hosing can harden and crack, letting the refrigerant gases your air con relies on to leak into the atmosphere.

We can replace faulty units, damaged hoses and seals, and re-gas your system in accordance with ARC standards.

Clutches & Transmissions

Trouble shifting or staying in gear, or strange noises and smells from underneath the car, are all symptoms of issues in your transmission, which over time can affect your vehicle’s performance.

We provide a range of services for your vehicle’s drivetrain, from clutch repairs to manual and automatic transmission servicing. We also offer servicing for your vehicle’s differential and CV joints, for optimal stability, power delivery and control around corners.

Engine Repairs

Your engine is the beating heart of your vehicle. Problems here can very quickly take a toll on your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

We can conduct a range of repairs for your vehicle’s engine, from rebuilds and reconditioning to testing and tuning. We can repair engine blocks, cylinder heads and camshafts, as well as conduct EFI diagnostics.

Radiators & Cooling

Making sure your vehicle’s engine is constantly at a safe operating temperature is important for maintaining a healthy vehicle. An overheating engine on the other hand can lead to an inconvenient breakdown. If you think your vehicle might be overheating, the best thing to do is either pull over immediately and call your nearest workshop for an inspection of your cooling system.

We’re able to provide a host of services to your cooling system, from leak checks to replacement of faulty hosing, seals or radiator units, as well as repair damaged head gaskets. We can also conduct coolant flushes to remove any detritus that might be interfering with your cooling system internally.

Auto Electrical

Vehicles have become more and more sophisticated in their use of electronics, and only the most dedicated auto electricians can keep up with the rapid changes in modern vehicles’ electrical workings.

Our staff have the latest in diagnostic scan tools to interpret fault codes produced by your on-board electronics and isolate the problem area of your vehicle for repair. We also repair or replace faulty starter motors and alternators, as well as install a range of replacement batteries, solar panels and other power sources, and install a range of other accessories.


Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle means more than just matching the right make and model; to get the most out of your new tyres you need to consider everything from usual weather, road surface condition, even your own habits as a driver. For instance, drivers with speed and responsiveness in mind would prefer a softer compound for optimal grip to the road, while drivers only interested in getting from A to B should opt for harder compound for extra durability and tyre life.

We can supply, fit, align and balance tyres for all makes and models of vehicles, recommending the perfect set of rubber for your needs.

Other Services

We can provide a range of additional services, including:

  • Windscreen replacement
  • Towing services
  • And much more
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